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Stink Face McGhee - "Stinky"

Stinky came to Pike Creek in August 2012. He was brought in by one of our technicians after she found him malnourished, limping and a bleeding, pus filled mouth. It looked as though he'd been struck by a car. He was so painful it was difficult for him to even eat. However, this young cat (approximately 8 months at the time) was so trusting of all of us. He allowed us to bathe him immediately to get the grime, street dirt and blood off of his coat.

Stinky was patient as daily we'd clean his wounds and give him medications. It wasn't but a few days and he was just starving for attention. He loved having the technicians talk to him and pet him. In fact, he got his name "Stink Face" due to the pus and smell from his mouth. Sadly, the name stuck, but it still suits him! (Though, thankfully, he no longer smells.)

We knew we couldn't keep him forever. Pictures were made at work, Facebook advertised the lost kitty needing a "furrever" home. No one wanted Stinky! He was just a typical orange male cat.

Weeks turned into months... and still the orange cat was homeless. The technicians grew more and more attached to Stinky. Gradually, it was decided Stinky was meant to stay.

He quickly learned to "sit" on command, come when called (except when it's time to go away at night) and became both the technicians, doctors and even the clients cat.

Stinky has never met a stranger he doesn't like. He is friendly with cats and dogs of all sizes. We WISH he had a little sense and didn't try to befriend all of the large dogs.

When you come into the office, it's likely you'll run into Stinky. He's here to stay!

His favorite pasttimes include:

  • Receiving lots and lots of attention from his Pike Creek family
  • Knocking files off of counters
  • Pouncing Tracy's pantlegs
  • Stealing lollipops
  • Begging for breakfast, lunch and dinner... and snacks...
  • Bird watching out windows
  • Being completely clumsy and missing his "target"
  • Bolting into the basement
  • Climbing into boxes and "hiding"
  • Allowing his humans to dress him up in clothing
  • Belly scratches during staff meetings
  • Hiding when it's time to go to bed